The Humanico technology platform is easy to set up and start generating insights immediately. We built it to be highly engaging and usable, both for the employees and the people leaders that will derive actionable insights from the platform. To further enhance the value of the solution, Humanico offers focussed and insightful human resources consulting, designed to help you make the most of the platform.
Our human resources consulting arm runs the gamut from people and capability mapping, strengths coaching and insights, correlation and risk, employee engagement and culture through to team workshops and business consulting. By leveraging the powerful combination of platform and consulting, your business will see reduced attrition, a significant reduction in recruitment costs, increased productivity, increased sales and customer satisfaction, risk mitigation, increased engagement, and cultural unification by providing a common language.

The secret to our human resources consulting success

At Humanico, we believe that it’s important to go beyond the top 15% of an organisation’s people Whether it’s talent development, mentoring, team building or succession planning, so much energy is usually dedicated towards the most senior and brightest stars, that so much of the organisation’s potential is untapped.
The Humanico platform, and our human resources consulting services, are tailored towards the stories of the 85%. We will help you map your entire organisation’s talent and areas for improvement, and then help you take that data insights and leverage them into actionable insights.
The platform is simple, clear, and deployable across all your people. Your unique human map will be rapidly available and, backed by Humanico’s human resources consulting services, you will see a prompt return on your investment.

Humanico in action

The Humanico platform, backed by our human resources consulting services, has been assisting one customer with a high-profile post M&A integration. As with all M&A integrations, the human resources challenges have been significant, in developing an understanding of what the combined organisation might look like. With the power of the Humanico platform, this organisation has been able to draw a complete map of the people, and immediately start to action insights while building trust with their combined employee ecosystem.
What’s been really interesting to observe is the correlation between this company’s ME Index (motivation/engagement) data and the overall strengths composition of the group. Here, the Humanico approach has yielded powerful insights for the People Leaders to make immediate impact and drive new initiatives effectively and efficiently.

Want to learn more?

You don’t need to be a large organisation to yield the benefits of the Humanico capability map. You also don’t need to be going through massive change within the organisation. Businesses with as few as 20 employees will often find surprising depth in capability and opportunities when they take the time to truly understand their people.
For the health of your business, you need to put understanding your people at the forefront. Let Humanico turn your greatest asset, your people, into something even greater, with the added benefit of full support through our human resources consulting capabilities. Contact us at

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