A company lives and dies on its ability to facilitate a productive, high-performance and agile team environment. The team performance plan is a core responsibility of the HR team in optimising team performance and building better teamwork. Humanico’s unique and interactive talent mapping solution will be central to building a team performance plan that builds deep insights, improves team engagement, and increases effective collaboration and productivity across the organisation.

What does a team performance plan do?

Team performance plans are normally reactive – i.e. something has gone wrong, somewhere, and HR has been called in to address performance issues. Some of the common catalysts that lead to a team performance plan include:
Deadlines are being missed on a consistent basis by
the team.
Workflows are being stalled from communication issues within the team.
The team is not optimised from a collaboration and output perspective
The team is dysfunctional, doesn't gel well and are ineffective with internal or external communication.
A team is losing members at an unacceptable churn
There are morale issues within the team – for example, they lack vision and direction or a sense that their output contributes to the overall company goals.
However, there’s no reason that a strategy for optimising team performance should be formed after the red flags are raised. Humanico’s innovative solution is designed to help you build your teams and enhance their performance on an ongoing basis.

How Humanico helps team performance

The Humanico solution gives you deep insights into every person within your organisation, and by exploring the data you can tell immediately what the dynamics within the team are like and how that shows up. In addition by enabling people at all levels to understand themselves and their natural strengths through a common language, you can see immediately how your people work together. This information can be used to then build “hypothetical teams” and get a sense for how performance across the organisation could be optimised and supercharged.
This is particularly relevant within the modern agile operating model for business. When the work is so flexible and fluid, you need your teams to be as well. To further assist you with optimising team performance for agility, Humanico has developed a consulting practice that will help you draw fully actionable insights out of the data that resides within your Humanico platform.

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Whether you’re a large multinational, managing a globally dispersed network of teams, or an organisation of 20 people working in small groups, it is imperative that you are able to understand the people data that is driving your organisation’s dynamics. The better you understand your people and team dynamics, the more you’ll draw out of their capabilities, while at the same time mitigating against risk and lowering the costs of your HR practice.
For the health of your business, you need to be able to build an effective team performance plan that effectively manages the challenges within your teams and delivers maximum agility. Let Humanico help you turn your greatest asset into something even greater. Contact us at

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