Our Team

We help companies understand who they have in their own backyard, meet the awesome Humanicans in ours.

Meet our Founders

We are passionate about the opportunity that is unfolding in this new HUMAN era. One where everyone matters and traditional measures of success are no longer relevant. By enabling companies to understand all of their people through our digital interactive human map the benefits at a company and individual level are significant.
Profile pic of Paul

Paul Rush Co-Founder

Paul is a well-regarded industry leader in his space, having spent 27 years working in Human Capital. Both his early years in recruitment and the subsequent years in executive search focused on technology leaders.
As a result, his connections span senior HR and C-Level decision makers through to some of the best and brightest minds in technology.
27 years leading in Human Capital
Has evaluated over 25,000 humans
Global profile & connectivity
Diverse industry experience
Deep understanding of changing operating models
Profile pic of Fiona

Fiona Vale Co-Founder

Fiona is a client engagement specialist with a 15 year track record in designing, developing and executing Human Experience programs.
She spent an additional 5 years consulting in strategic brand and marketing before following her passion for strengths-based development to become a qualified coach in the space.
15 years leading in Human Experience
Has delivered over 150 world class programs
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
Client engagement specialist
Core expertise in strategic planning & execution

Meet the team

Profile pic of Alan

Alan Perkins

A world class CTO who applies innovative and modern principles to a diverse range of business scenarios and technology challenges. Alan also has the rare ability to seamlessly translate tech to Human.
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Brian Reynolds
Full Stack Developer

A Senior Developer/Software Development Manager who has been writing code for four decades. Brian is a pragmatic, lateral thinker who is highly adaptable, a quick study and has excellent communication skills.
Profile pic of Sonia

Sonia Navidi
Full Stack Developer

From dietetics to data science, Sonia brings a wealth of transferable knowledge and capability. Currently providing software development and technical analysis to help supercharge the Humanico platform.

Profile pic of Karen

Karen O'Connor
Unicorn & Marketing Lead

A great team player, Karen has strong customer service, communication and marketing skills from nearly two decades in the Real Estate industry. A natural connector of people, she’s Karen by name not by nature.
Profile pic of Madi

Madi Gulliver
Product Manager & CJM

An amazing attitude and a willingness to learn makes Madi an indispensible part of the Humanico team. Bringing top level research skills and a background in HR, Madi has shifted focus to being our Product and Customer Journey lead.

Meet the advisory council

Profile pic of Bill

Bill Bartee
Sydney, AUS

Passionate about investing and assisting daring founders build the next large, disruptive company. Early investor in Altium, Q-CTRL, Prospection, Culture Amp, Seek, Canva, Safety Culture. Successful founder, CEO, Board Director.

Profile pic of John

John Barton
Brisbane, AUS

John is a 30+ year banking, financial services, and wealth management professional. Director and Chief Executive of Brisbane-based boutique financial services firm, MGD Wealth. John’s network, expertise in financial structures and market are significant.


David Burns
Sydney, AUS

David has been in the Technology Services and Telecommunications Industry for 30+ years. The combination of great vision, great technology and great people is his passion, and his purpose is to amplify this for the benefit of all.

Craig Decker
London, UK

Craig has made it his mission to help technology companies move forward. With over 20 years in the world of sales, his transferable skills allowed for a seamless transition to both Managing Director and CEO roles. Craig is also a CRO and Board member.

Profile pic of Rachael

Rachael Fitzpatrick
Singapore City, SG

Rachael brings global expertise in Human Resources leadership –  including building business focused teams, diversity equity and inclusion strategies as well as coaching, NLP and neuroscience in the workplace.  She also has experience in M&A, benefits harmonisation, market pricing, and benchmarking.

Profile pic of Tom

Tom Pennington
Adelaide, AUS

A Technology Executive with a 20+ year IT career across multiple industries demonstrating visionary leadership, extensive expertise in designing, delivering and operating technology transformation and solutions to enable digital business and innovation at scale.

Profile pic of Michelle

Michelle Price
Canberra, AUS

Michelle is a director, advisor, investor, strategist and author. She is a globally regarded expert across many areas including trends and risk;  platform infrastructures; innovative capability delivery; and workforce development and participation and M&A.

Profile pic of Sam

Sam Sangster
Sydney, AUS

As the founder of Klok Advisory, he sees the delivery of great places, sound investment returns and delivering infrastructure outcomes benefiting society as a whole – leaving a legacy of better places and infrastructure. An extensive network, proven leadership and capital raising.

Profile pic of Joe

Joe Thompson
Florida, USA

Joe is a talent transformation strategist, consultant, and people leader.  He is also a champion of the humanization of work movement which lies at the heart of the future of work ecosystem. A lifelong learner, he aspires to be a polymath raconteur.