Your people are your greatest asset, but how well do you really know them? Without understanding your people’s unique talents and tailoring their roles and opportunities accordingly, how can you expect them to be happy, engaged and the best version of themselves every day? With 41% of all employees considering changing jobs, we saw the need for an innovative, simple and digital solution that would inspire change within the workplace. Humanico’s unique and interactive talent mapping solution helps your company get the most out of every person, resulting in an increase in overall job satisfaction, reduced attrition and the consequent productivity improvements and cost reductions within your organisation.

What goes into a capability map?

A capability map is an integral and coherent visualisation of your organisation’s capabilities.The Humanico platform delivers deep insights into all of your people without the traditional bias of hierarchy helping you understand your people’s natural patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Genuine investment in understanding capability is limited in most organisations to the top 15 % – across the executive, leadership and high potentials, which begs the question… what about everyone else? Imagine the power of a dynamic capability map that evolves over time as people join, move and leave. At a glance, the capability map provides insights of the human skills that sit within your organisation, helping to inform strategic people decisions and identify the quiet achievers and unsung heroes within your organisation.
Need to assess talent and find candidates for emerging roles and internal opportunities? Humanico’s deep and data-driven profiles will help you look beyond the static, boring HR data. You’ll also be able to identify where your people have the capacity to play to their strengths, maximising efficiency within your internal talent pool, saving you both time and money when considering additional hires.
Employees benefit from the capability map, too. By providing an engaging, secure and personalised experience, you can better understand their thoughts relative to their role – not relative to leadership or company strategy. There’s something in it for every participant, with immediate access to results and meaningful, actionable insights that they can consider and implement from day one.

Talent mapping: Easy to use, endless returns

The Humanico talent mapping solution is easy to set up and start generating insights immediately. We have built it to be highly engaging and usable, both for the employees and the people leaders that will derive the insights from the platform. The solution is also dynamic and evolves as your organisation grows, putting security and data integrity first.
Making the most of the Humanico talent mapping software is straightforward and intuitive thanks to the simple interface, encouraging you to explore the richness of data and draw actionable insights. Humanico also offers a full consultancy service, which will help you amplify the impact and really make the most of this investment into your people.

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You don’t need to be a large organisation to yield the benefits of the Humanico capability map. Businesses with as few as 20 employees will often find surprising depth in capability and opportunities when they take the time to truly understand their people.
For the health of your business, you need to put understanding your people at the forefront. Let Humanico turn your greatest asset into something even greater. Contact us at

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