A high growth professional services firm disrupting the market with a focus on startups and scale ups. With no significant HR leader or platform they felt aligned to Humanico and felt the offering would suit them especially at this time of growth.


Growing at pace, with three business units at different stages of maturity they were looking for a sustainable framework to understand and optimise their people. To build on an already existing celebrated culture to ensure stickiness of their current employees, attract the best talent as they grow and to be able to introduce effective cross functional opportunities across the business.


The diverse stakeholder group were engaged, curious but also were keen for our expertise and insights to ensure maximum success. This group went above and beyond truly embracing the nature of the Humanico experience, from the curated narrative and combined communications plan, through to putting aside half a day of growth and learning for their people to undertake the initial engagement.


This company has set the benchmark for future Humanico engagements with a 100% participation. Furthermore we have seen incredible adoption of the strengths based approach from all employees and the subsequent self and group learning they are undertaking.

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