Too many platforms focus on advanced technology and not the human element.
There’s no denying that HR Tech is one of the fastest growing markets globally. However, many solutions are now so technology enabled with AI, IOT and machine learning that they have become overly complex and have actually increased the very friction they were built to remove for People Leaders.
Now more than ever, ensuring you maintain a human touch when implementing advanced and innovative HR tech solutions is critical to ensuring your return on investment through maximum engagement, reliable data and creating a true sense of belonging.

Experience and narrative are critical to success.

The quality of data out is only as good as the quality of data in, so if you’re going to be asking people to be forthcoming with meaningful data (especially when it comes to engagement surveys), ask for it in a respectful, inclusive and meaningful way.
We have all been on the receiving end of disingenuous emails with a survey link buried in there somewhere, with little explanation nor reason of why you should participate or what is going to happen to the data. In the absence of a narrative, people will make it up, or simply ignore it. Be clear on your intent, ensure you celebrate what you are doing and encourage participation. Even better, allow the time and space for your employees to complete the task within their working hours.

So how can you drive high participation rates and why does this matter?

If you are intending to make informed people decisions through your collection of employee data and insights then it stands to reason that you will benefit from high participation. We’re shocked by the amount of organisations that make changes, report to the board, or draw conclusions from the data with less than 50% participation.

By combining narrative, experience and a genuine focus on enabling and supporting your people, you will ensure greater participation. If you’re considering HR tech as part of your broader strategy, ensure it’s a solution designed to include your ENTIRE human asset, not just the top 15% or high potentials.
Ensure it’s a simple process, underpinned by a common language that can be adopted across the entire organisation. A true human-centred solution will value your humans and consider them front and centre throughout the journey. Create the right environment, and the best quality data will follow.

Make it simple and visually appealing

Traditional HR data is static, boring and overly complex by nature. Notwithstanding the fact that People Leaders often need to go to multiple different places to find information about their people!

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Look for an HR tech solution that is simple, takes away the friction from all users and is intuitive in both design and usability. This way you’ll be able to access the information in one place and leverage more successful benefits realisation.
The key to success lies in a digital, interactive platform that gives you a simple yet highly strategic view of your people. Look for a tool that has the flexibility and insights required to understand your people data and help to link your business strategy back to your people capability. As we find ourselves in this new hybrid world, understanding and connecting with ALL your people is essential in this increasing war for talent, particularly through the lens of retention.

In summary

The insights and benefits that companies and individuals can realise from HR Tech platforms is significant against a legacy of static and dissociated reports. However, the minute you lose the human element you run the risk of failure.
To ensure maximum participation and the best quality data to make better decisions at all levels of the organisation, ensure to keep the human at the centre.
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