You’ve dedicated your professional career to your business, and you want to guarantee your legacy, by ensuring that the next generation are going to continue to drive your vision and build on top of your achievements. Humanico’s succession planning solution will not only assist with uncovering and investing in the next generation of leaders but will help drive knowledge transfer across the entire business.

Understanding succession planning

Businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors, benefit from having a formal process of identifying crucial job skills, knowledge, expertise, and networking relationships, and then having a process to pass them on to the next generation.
The Humanico talent mapping solution is an easy-to-use and comprehensive foundation that facilitates that knowledge transfer. By building comprehensive profiles on the strengths, capabilities and areas of interest of each employee, this is an invaluable and dynamic succession planning solution in ensuring the seamless movement of talent within the organisation – in other words, the right people in the next generation can be identified and invested in regardless of their role or place in the hierarchy.
Many leaders and HR professionals have the perception that succession planning is a complex and difficult process, and, especially in smaller businesses where HR resources can be limited, often put the job in the “too difficult” basket. Humanico’s succession planning solution is both straightforward and intuitive thanks to the simple interface, and by exploring the richness of data to draw actionable succession insights from it, you can make the entire process digital and seamless.
To support the succession planning solution, Humanico also offers a full consultancy service, which will help you amplify the impact of the data insights that you’re drawing from the solution, and make the most of your investment into your people.

Succession planning for the entire organisation

Because of the perceived challenges in succession planning, it is traditionally reserved for the higher echelons of a company, which means a lot of knowledge and talent transfer is potentially lost. By leveraging Humanico’s succession planning solution, you can efficiently plan succession across your entire population.
Companies tend to look outside rather than look inside. Imagine the cost savings and loyalty that you build by reversing that trend. By understanding who you have in your own backyard, you can truly maximize your people asset.
In doing so not only do you mitigate the risk inherent in role transfers, but you save on the cost of training and acclimatising people new to roles, and increase the loyalty and performance of your people. By investing in Humanico you’re investing in the health of your business today and in the future.

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Succession planning is a side of HR that yields measurable benefits for organisations of any size. Humanico’s solution has been designed for businesses with as few as 20 employees, and will deliver often surprising depth in the capabilities and opportunities that are opened when the business takes the time to truly understand its people.
For the health of your business, you need to put understanding your people at the forefront. Let Humanico turn your greatest asset into something even greater with our leading succession planning solution. Contact us at

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