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A hybrid business model combining our innovative software platform with the human touch to provide a powerful and unique strategic HR solution.

Humanico was built to address a real and significant problem.

With multiple changes affecting work and the ways of working there is no digital platform to help you truly understand your people asset. Hence the idea of a digital interactive human map. We have built our service offering to take away the friction of capability mapping, to provide real and meaningful engagement insights and ultimately ensure our HR platform provides you with actionable insights and not just data.
In collaboration with your stakeholder group we define the key challenges and use cases for the engagement, linking your business strategy and human risk back to your people landscape.
A simple data transfer enables us to populate your human map with basic HR data. Whether you work in Excel or with API’s, we can integrate your data. A series of simple and separate user journeys allow you to onboard new joiners to the business ensuring your map is current and evolves as your business does.
Personalised and inclusive user experience and thoughtfully curated narrative ensures high engagement rates. The participant experience is transparent, easy to navigate and ensures that every single person gets immediate insights via a globally validated tool into what makes them uniquely awesome.
We underpin our powerful software and recommendations engine with insights and recommendations instead of data overload and predictive analytics. Every company has a unique human map and different people challenges and opportunities. Our powerful HR software allows you to draw correlations and risk insights giving you unique insights at a macro and micro level.
Limited super user license ensures that your software license costs are kept to a minimum and that there is no requirement for education and training across the user population.
Our goal is to ensure that you can maximise the potential of your greatest asset – your people. We start by providing you with a simple, easy to use, digital software tool to uncover your human map and then supplement that offering with consulting services to help you maximise the power of the platform insights including workshops, coaching, strategy and risk consulting. Ultimately, we create an environment and the tools to enable a sustainable path for your people leaders to use the platform and realise the benefits independently.

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Our Platform

A simple, digital, cloud based solution enabling you to visualise and understand your human asset.

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Capability + engagement in one digital platform.