Humanico’s unique workforce intelligence software informs your people strategy and turns your greatest asset into something even greater.

What is the Humanico platform?

The Humanico platform is a simple, digital, cloud based solution enabling you to visualise and understand your human asset.
It is an innovative HR software solution that ingests key people data to combine capability and engagement in one simple and elegant digital platform. Our visualisation tool and the corresponding data insights enable you to understand who you have in your own backyard and how to optimise your greatest asset – your people.

Key features and benefits:

Hybrid solution

Combining innovative technology with consulting services to maximise success and outcomes for your business.

Commercially viable

Based on a simple cost model making it commercially viable for any business, regardless of size.

Simple, digital, cloud-based solution

A digital and interactive view of all your people in a single view. Access it anywhere without complex downloads, manuals or training.

Capability mapping plus engagement

Understand who you have, how they feel and how to get the best out of them all in one place.

Unique user experience

Carefully considered journey that builds trust and yields exceptionally high participation.

Immediate impact

No need to wait! Enjoy rich data and meaningful insights you can act upon from the very beginning.

Our Solution

Transforming Business:

At Humanico, we believe transformation in business means unlocking opportunities that drive business growth. It demands a new way of thinking. It’s about getting the most value from your organisation’s biggest asset – your people.

Unlocking Human Potential:

In our ever-changing world, humans have greater expectations to do meaningful work, access developmental opportunities and contribute to organisations that align with their values.

Efficient Management:

If you want to elevate the success and growth of your organisation, you need two things – strong leadership and supportive management. Gallup found 40% of people become disengaged within their company when key talents are ignored.

Ready to discover how everyone can grow and thrive with Humanico?

Our Approach

Our approach fuses data visualisation, science and experience and creates an innovative and intuitive platform. At the heart of our technology is the human map, which is the first of its kind in HR Tech. We combine workforce capability with employee engagement resulting in a solution that maps your business strategy to your people capability.

Key features of the platform include:

Motivation/Engagement (ME) Survey

A proprietary feeling index centred around how your people feel about their role.


Globally validated, underpinned by science with over 29 million data points understanding how people think, feel and behave naturally.

Human Map

A unique digital and interactive visualisation with dashboard overview, search and filter functionality allowing you to see and understand all of all your people in a single view.

Actionable Insights

Strategic insight panels provide you with deep data insights, gap analysis, correlation and risk metrics.

Customer Success Stories

The Humanico solution is simple, digital and commercially viable whether you are a small, medium or enterprise organisation. It’s industry agnostic and as long as you have more than 20 humans in your business, then we can effectively map it.
We’re for innovative leaders who are genuinely focused on their people and want to enable them to be the best version of themselves regardless of role or position.

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