A global boutique consulting company specialising in transformational change, agile modelling and digitisation.


To satisfy growth ambitions including new offices/geographies through a focus of retention and attraction. Given the nature of their business, the challenge was to understand and maximise their internal talent through a non-traditional ‘Agile’ model where each person has three distinct managers/leaders while simultaneously wanting to streamline disparate HR/people tools to one strategic platform.


With several priorities to address, it was important to take a stepped approach especially relative to people’s time and impact:

Like many of our customers getting the baseline Human Map in place was important before adding additional data layers.
We created a new design to cater for the agile org structure, adding additional dynamic team capabilities to cater for their client facing projects to ensure we met the brief.
Modifying the motivation/engagement (ME) question set to take into account the numerous reporting lines while ensuring the platform retained its simplicity and integrity were key to ensuring a successful onboarding experience.


Deploying the Humanico solution underpinned by the experiential journey and genuine partnership has yielded significant insights, early wins and given the leaders data driven insights and a true capability/engagement map of all their people.  With participation rates across all data aspects of more than 95%, we’ve provided deep insights and the ability to make conclusive decision making across the board.

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